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April 8, 2021

ESG reporting regulations are likely imminent in the U.S. And while some envision a silver bullet that will protect investors, hold companies accountable and benefit the environment (or society!) at large, regulators and compliance pros prepare to untangle a Gordian knot. Meanwhile, ESG compliance programs remain somewhat rudderless, and ESG assets continue to proliferate.

Is it time for regulation? We talked to
SEC Commissioner Elad Roisman and a handful of other stakeholders this week. The verdict: it's complicated.

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Countries and economic unions around the world are adopting national privacy laws. Rather than state-by-state privacy legislation, wouldn’t it be easier to have one all-encompassing privacy law for the U.S.? Steven Cavey says a unified standard would streamline compliance stateside and even abroad.

Why Can't We All Just Get Along? The Untapped Potential of Collaboration Between Compliance and In-House Counsel

In-house counsel and compliance both assess risk. As such, they often vie with one another. A collaboration, however, can serve to raise both up and significantly enhance a company’s risk assessment overall. Michael Volkov offers a cross-function scenario.

California Privacy Law Update: CCPA Amendments Announced and Board Members Appointed

California continues to update its privacy regulations. In the latest move, the CPPA board members were appointed, with Professor Jennifer M. Urban named as chair, and further amendments were put in place.

Blue dot Signs $32 Million Series C to Scale Tax Compliance Platform

With a Series C on the books, Blue dot (formerly VATBox) will expand operations across North America and double its workforce over the next year. The company offers an AI VAT recovery automation system, among other solutions.

Everyone knows to have a rainy day fund.

Yet, few people have one, despite the fact that cars break down, roofs leak, and pandemics hit.

Today I listened to this story of a businessman and it reminded me of the responsibility businesses have to build rainy day funds.

After 22 years in business, this man was unable to pay his business rent the first month of the pandemic. Since then, he has borrowed $130K to keep his business open and had to scrap his retirement plans.
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Join Matt Kelly, Editor & CEO of Radical Compliance, in a lively panel discussion with industry experts Reetu Khosla (EY), Kyle Daddio (FTI Consulting), and Nick Duke (Behavox) as they explore these challenges, seeking answers to question such as. Watch or Download it Now

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