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Mar. 25, 2021

Chief Compliance Officers can add value to their organizations in many ways — but are they at liberty to do so? Michael Volkov suggests it’s time to give these multi-talented professionals more room to roam. Read More...

Five of the top 10 risks identified as "high impact" are operational in nature, while the rest are macroeconomic and strategic. What do they all point to? A decade of disruption, says Protiviti's Jim DeLoach. He shares the Top 10 list revealed by a recent Protiviti and NC State University study and offers words of wisdom to guide your long-term planning.

2021 Workforce Trends: Spotlight on Compliance

No matter how diligent a company has been in the face of the pandemic, there's work to be done as businesses begin to reopen and workforces return. ADP’s Ellen Feeney discusses the trends she predicts we'll encounter at the intersection of HR and compliance.

Gartner: Internal Audit Is at Risk of Being Overstretched in 2021

Recent research into internal audit shows the function faced both declining budgets and a significantly expanded workload in 2020. Information security and information technology risks were the two areas where a majority of audit functions planned to spend more time, but there's a long list of risk areas also expected to demand more attention, and not many that will require significantly fewer hours than InfoSec.

OneTrust to Acquire Ethics & Compliance Leader Convercent

OneTrust has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Convercent, a provider of ethics and compliance cloud software. The acquisition will build on OneTrust's investments in creating technology that brings together privacy, security, data governance, ethics and compliance, GRC, third-party risk, and ESG into a single operational workflow.

When I was about 10 years old, a neighbor of mine had a picture of an overweight woman on her fridge, cut out from a magazine. She told me it served as a reminder not to overeat.

Some 20 years later, I read about a study that found that people who put pictures of lean and strong bodies on their fridge are healthier than those who look at overweight bodies. The first group can see that there is still work to be done and the fridge stays closed. The second group feels like they are not “as bad” as what they see on the picture, so surely they can have another helping.

Similar studies have shown the negative effects of companies repeatedly sharing with employees the wrongdoing of other employees.
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A Holistic Approach to Compliance: Key Focus Areas

Everyone has a key role to play in ensuring that the organization stays true to its mission, but compliance officers have a unique responsibility. This resource walks you through the key focus areas in that process: how to adopt a risk-based and federated approach, how to track regulatory engagements while keeping policies in sync with evolving regulations -- all while focusing on integrity and culture in a COVID-scarred world. Get the Download...
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