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May 6, 2021

Author and former intelligence officer Dan Verton looks at the widest-reaching cyber espionage operation against the United States government to date -- and offers actions to mitigate the effects of future attacks... Read More

The Toothpaste is Out of the Tube: Here's How to Revamp Policy For a Workforce That Won't Fully Return to the Office

Working from home is obviously do-able, so employers will need creative (but airtight) policies that allow at least some of the workforce to keep doing it. Here's a roadmap for drafting policies that meet the demand for flexibility while mitigating risk.

The Crystal Ball in the Boardroom: 2021 Board Agenda Topics

Deloitte’s quarterly assessment of boards finds that meeting diversity, equity and inclusion challenges are of paramount concern for many companies across sectors, beating out ESG and ongoing response to COVID-19.

10 Best Practices for Nonprofit Corporate Governance

Nonprofits must meet -- and maintain -- high standards of governance. Here are 10 steps to pursue best practices, especially as relates to tax compliance.

This Week in RegTech

This week was light on private sector regtech development and heavy on government action. Regulatory bodies in the E.U. and Australia took up the subject of blockchain-based regtech and its various uses. Singapore, meanwhile, expanded grants to speed the adoption of regtech in its finance sector with tens of millions of dollars in funding from its Monetary Authority.

Every now and then, a manager who can approve purchase orders up to $10,000 will ask a vendor to split a $15,000 PO in two so that the manager does not have to send it up for approval.
In most cases, the manager is not trying to hide the purchase. She simply wants to expedite a foregone approval. Of course, when she does so, she sends the message that it’s OK to break some rules. That message is received by the vendor, by the bookkeeper, by the accountant, by the manager’s assistant, among others.
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Wednesday, May 12 at 11 a.m. EDT | 4 p.m. BST

You may have seen several global financial firms in the news hit with significant fines and experiencing incalculable brand damage as they grapple with misconduct and compliance challenges. The adverse impact of these scandals cascade across Compliance, Legal, HR, and executive teams.

How can leaders positively address the convergence of financial and non-financial misconduct risk and ensure it doesn't happen on their watch?

Join Behavox's webinar next week in which Mike Piwowar, Former Acting SEC Commissioner & Executive Director of the Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets, Kalika Jayasekera, Partner, Global CCO, Board Director at SoftBank Investment Advisers, and Neil Wu Becker, Chief Marketing Officer, Behavox, will discuss latest trends in misconduct in the workplace and guidance on how to manage compliance risk.

Learn more about:

  • Growing trends in misconduct and the pressing need to broaden the scope of compliance risk mitigation
  • How training, process and technology are critical components to assist in catching bad actors and preventing recurring issues
  • Detailed approaches and guidance on how to manage non-financial and financial misconduct risk

Join Matt Kelly, Editor & CEO of Radical Compliance, in a lively panel discussion with industry experts Reetu Khosla (EY), Kyle Daddio (FTI Consulting), and Nick Duke (Behavox) as they explore these challenges, seeking answers to question such as. Watch or Download it Now

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