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May 13, 2021

According to a recent EY report on integrity in emerging markets, many  professionals report that ethical cultures around the world are improving. But respondents also worry that disruptions from COVID-19 and fluctuating markets could erode this progress. Read More

Changing Audit Firms: 7 Steps to Streamline Your Auditor Transition

Not feeling the love with your audit firm? It might be time to break up. And yes, that's hard to do. Ron Kral looks at the challenges during (and after) the process of changing audit firms and offers tips for transitioning without tears.  

Companies Say They’re Serious About DEI. So Why Are This Year’s 10-Ks So Short on Detail?

Companies are compiling workforce-related data as required -- but in the absence of prescriptive reporting requirements, most remain coy when divulging specifics. Here's an analysis of recent SEC filings following a rule change last November.

Pandemics and Politics: 3 New ACA Challenges and 5 Steps to Avoid Penalties

The ACA good faith reporting standard will sunset this year, and The American Rescue Plan has added further complexities. Make sure you're equipped to comply with these ever-shifting employee health care regulations to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Twitter recently added a feature that detects mean language and forces you to pause before sending. Could a similar feature be useful for work email? As of today, on the ethics side, we “detect” mean emails only after employees complain of receiving them. On the compliance side, in the world of data loss “prevention,” our tools only alert us to possible data losses after an email has been sent. Why not review the content of the email before it is actually sent, and give the author a chance to reconsider?....Keep Reading


Tuesday, May 18 -- 11am PT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET

Just like crude oil, raw data isn’t valuable in and of itself. To become valuable, it must be diligently collected and contextualized with other relevant data in a timely manner. When properly refined, data becomes a powerful tool that allows companies to react to market forces and be proactive and intentional in their decision-making.

Join Toyota & Onna for a conversation on harnessing the true value of data:

  • How to identify the right data to collect
  • The power of metrics, KPIs, and data visualization
  • AI in eDiscovery, information governance, and contract management

Global consulting firm Protiviti has released its 2021 Next-Generation Internal Audit Survey, finding that most chief audit executives (CAEs) and senior internal audit leaders and their teams are still in the early stages of, or have yet to embark on, their next-gen internal audit journeys. Instant Download


OneTrust announced May 4 it will acquire Shared Assessments.

Relativity now offers integration with Proofpoint for consolidated communications monitoring. Relativity uses an AI system to monitor employee comms, while Proofpoint provides digital archiving solutions.

LogicGate’s automation platform, Risk Cloud, will now talk to several commonly used office platforms, including Slack, ServiceNow, Jira and DocuSign.

Napier will partner with fintech API provider NXTSoft, giving financial institutions access to Napier’s transaction screening platform and AML tools.

CSI has partnered with Kharon to provide enhanced financial crime and trade control frameworks. CSI says it plans to expand services to the EU and elsewhere.

Panaseer has landed $26.5 Series B to Scale the company’s continuous monitoring cybersecurity platform. AllegisCyber Capital led the round. Panaseer has signed $43 million in total financing to date.

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