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April 1, 2021

When Mary Shirley (Compliance Officer and Great Women in Compliance Co-Host) gets  gets on a soapbox, people listen. We love that -- and we're loving her column this week. Mary advocates here for greater ownership and responsibility for some of the "gray area" aspects of a business that impact compliance & ethics. Who's job is it to keep an eye on customer service and employee relations? Might be yours. Check it out... Read More...

DOJ Goes for the Honduran President’s Jugular In Sentencing of Tony Hernandez

With the sentencing of Tony Hernandez, brother to Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, the Southern District of New York and DOJ continue their work to dismantle a corrupt multinational drug trafficking network. Robert Mazur, AML expert and a former Fed, has the story.

Tom Fox’s FCPA Year in Review: A Look Back at the Corruption Cases That Defined a Tumultuous 2020

Not only was 2020 the year with the single highest FCPA fine ever — and the largest year in total FCPA fines to date — there also were significant enforcement actions, fines and penalties assessed against corporations, coupled with a large number of individual prosecutions. In his inimitable style, Tom Fox reviews the year behind us, while creating a roadmap for compliance officers for the years to come.

COVID-Related Data Challenges Can Tip Payers Into Crisis-Management Mode

What happens when a backlog of COVID-related claims meets a mountain of faulty, false or missing data? Payers don't pay on time -- or at all. Here's how the pandemic is impacting the health care industry's chronic struggle to complete manual reviews.

NASA announced yesterday that asteroid Apophis will not strike the Earth for at least another 100 years. That’s good news, given that the impact we had feared for 2036 could have killed more than 10 million people.

The question is, will we prepare for an eventual impact?
The last time we lost tens of millions of humans on the planet, it was 100 years ago, during the pandemic of 1918. We knew it was going to happen again, but we didn’t really prepare for it.
Near-term catastrophes seem to light a fire under our chairs, but far-away ones leave us apathetic.....Keep Reading

From This Week's Sponsor:
While organizations have long prioritized external cybersecurity risks, many have not paid enough attention to the risks posed by trusted insiders in their organization. This is a mistake. Insiders often already have access to sensitive data, and the risks, whether malicious or inadvertent, can potentially cause greater damage than external cybersecurity risks.

Today, we invite you to come along on our journey by listening to Uncovering Hidden Risks, a series of podcasts to help you gain a better understanding of internal security threats from top notch insider risk experts!

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A Holistic Approach to Compliance: Key Focus Areas

Everyone has a key role to play in ensuring that the organization stays true to its mission, but compliance officers have a unique responsibility. This resource walks you through the key focus areas in that process: how to adopt a risk-based and federated approach, how to track regulatory engagements while keeping policies in sync with evolving regulations -- all while focusing on integrity and culture in a COVID-scarred world. Get the Download...
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